Sunday, May 29, 2016

Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal is a free online game style of cult indie game, Do not starve. In the game, players will also have to do everything to be able to survive in the wild world but also extremely impressed that Bitbox created.

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The battles in the game, although not the most characteristic emphasis, but also gives the player the feeling incredibly true to the somewhat heavy blow, but powerful, not like these games with details supernatural, when the hero is like the "gods"

Earlier this year, an impressive survival online game Life is feudal, recently announced the opening test in March, but had to miss an appointment due NSX not prepared. And right after the next 3 months, ie June first of this new game can proceed closed beta. Currently, the server was ready and only waiting for further test basic errors that will go on trial. Visit the homepage game:

According to what NSX previously announced, it is likely this game will be business as buy-to-play, ie the player wants to join will have to buy from the first key, the type of in-game cash shop only sells one some beauty items only, not cause any effect on gameplay at all.
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