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Friday, July 15, 2016

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

-This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay for some extra items, will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-application purchasing by adjusting the settings of your device.
-Please buy carefully.
-The ad appears in this game.
-This game allows users to interact with each other (eg. chat rooms, the music player to listen to chat, instant messaging). Links to social networking sites is not intended for persons under 13 years of age.
-Network connection is required to play.
-For information on how Glu collect and use your data, please read our privacy policy at:
-If you have a problem with this game, please contact us at:
KIM KARDASHIAN to join a red-carpet adventures Kim Kardashian: Hollywood! Create your own celebrity ambitions and rise to fame and fortune! 

⋆ CREATE your own copy and customize your search with hundreds of choices of styles, including Kim Kardashian personally choose! 
⋆ STARS in a great interactive adventure as you meet other artists, dedicated fans, persistent paparazzi ... and even hang out with Kim! 
⋆ rules THE RED CARPET is a cast of a-list movies, including fashion designers, models and more-what you do is up to you! 
⋆ TAKE OVER L.A. in a virtual world complete with exclusive clubs, high-end stores and luxury homes! Travel to New York City and Miami! 
⋆ On and DUMP the party at best CELEBS and the hottest clubs! Flirt and become the major source of celebrity-couple! 
⋆ BRING ALONG your friends to ride using Facebook and Game Center-help each other to reach the famous, compare the style, send gifts and see who can be the biggest star! 

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Club Penguin

The Club Penguin App is free to play. However, there are options Club Penguin recurring membership subscription that costs real money. If you choose to purchase a membership, your iTunes account will be charged.
In the virtual world of Club Penguin, players can explore the island, personalize a penguin, shop for styles, join parties, play games, collect pet puffles, decorate tents snow, and hang out with friends.

Disney Club Penguin has an unwavering commitment to safety. This includes secure log-in information and protect your child's privacy, chat filtering, the ability to listen to the report, and operated directly.

For everyone
JOIN the latest-new one every month
MEET & CHAT with friends penguin
Discover the island
PLAY games to earn virtual currency
GOVERNOR one red and one blue pet Puffle

For Members Only
UNLIMITED ACCESS to all the latest and features
Shop at stores new clothes and items
COMMENTARY any color pet Puffle including CAT & DOG
COLLECT rare treasures that puffles find
Personalize a penguin with clothing and items
CUSTOMIZE igloo with the latest furniture
It is a community of many giant players like no other. From ninja battles to fashion shows, the # 1 virtual world of Disney, there is freedom to be anything and do anything. Explore the island, join the latest party, meet and chat with friends, play games, adopt and care for pet puffles, tours and igloo Like friends, and more . And with a commitment to safety, Club Penguin means fun for kids and peace of mind for parents.

Time & Price (USD):
1 month = $ 7.99
3 months = $ 19.99
6 months = $ 39.99

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains in-app purchases that cost real money, push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like content new, as well as advertising for the Walt Disney Family of companies. Children should always ask their parents or their guardians to download and play. WiFi is required for some features. Network providers or data charges may apply if WiFi is not connected.

===== >>> You can refer to some of our games as:  gun mayhem, can your pet,  age of war. It will be very interesting for you there

11 + million downloads!
=>>Ninja Turtles: Legends

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ninja Turtles: Legends

The plot of Ninja Turtles: Legends is a confrontation between the young turtles Ninja warrior with Prime Kraang conspiracy to prevent turning the earth into Dimension X.

There are many interesting games and attractive on our pages. Click here for references: Tank Trouble 2 , 
Specifically, as the commander, players will recruit more than 35 militants Ninja Turtles with strength and different capacities to be ready for the battle with extremely difficult. Ninja turtles need to be upgraded to a maximum of 5 stars, formed teams and war in many different locations - the battlefield you'll see in the movie of the same name.

Let the military establishment, including super mutants to deal with when they hand out Kraang abducted mutants, including the Ninja Turtles to use DNA for their research. With the help from the inside, Leonardo must recruit coalition Ninja Turtles, join the battle against stress resistance before it is too late.
More game:  Fractured Space

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fractured Space

This is great news for gamers who are looking to try to play game in crisis has to earn tens of billions of  although not yet officially open this. Currently those who are interested to Fractured Space can easily participate in the games stay tuned steam page address: of course, does not cost a penny.
You want to play the game more exciting and attractive refer to the following pages: Learn To Fly 2 , 

If you do not know, Fractured Space is appreciated with beautiful graphics and impressive gameplay combat MOBA style, the game takes players on 5vs5 team based on existing maps. This map is also divided into three lanes, and the players participating in the game are almost similar strength from each other. In the game, the most important task of the player is defeated "Main building" of the rival faction to win the final.

According to the new notification Edge Case Games team, who are developing the online game Fractured Space blockbuster space has now entered a new phase and especially games free decision will complete playtime full from now on, instead of pay founders pack as before to be playing test;
More game:  Devil's Third Online

Monday, May 30, 2016

Devil's Third Online

Devil's Third Online action game was a tight guillotine action shooter mix is ​​quite similar to the previous Gunz was released on the Wii U. The game was announced NSX put titles on the PC as a free Free playtime and attract the attention of the majority of gamers around the world.
Gameplay of Devil's Third Activity characterized the action and focuses more on the part of shooting, but the shot tight guillotine, fight melee also extremely impressive, can make players caught up in the fighting endless once tried once.

Besides that, the Devil's Third Graphics Online is also very beautiful with true 3D platform and particularly smooth character movement flexibility as is. Although the effect is not very much shimmer, but the context of dark, gloomy with frequent wars, this completely appropriate.

After a long time preparing the new action shooter online game Devil's Third Activity super summit announced open beta opened back in the Japanese market. According to the game plan, which launched earlier this year spacious but due to some problems from the NSX with orientation for the future so everything was delayed until now. Currently the interested players can refer to at home:
More game:  Energy Heroes  
Tags : Strike Force Heroes, Strike Force Heroes 2 , Strike Force Heroes 3 , Strike Force Heroes 4

Energy Heroes

In Energy Heroes, gamers can choose 10 generals, were divided into 3 separate class skill system, weapons plentiful and always played a particular role in the team, should be combined with a skillful team can win.

Energy Heroes in the future context with advanced weapons modernization, gamers will experience the action-oriented gameplay higher by a relatively small map and the two sides constantly meet to firefight. In addition, the other laws of the game also operate on the 'classic', much like the shooter MOBA games have appeared before.

Also, beside elements gamers shooter then also have to be familiar with the tactics of Energy bizarre Heroes by not always you can also work to destroy the opponent to win it. Graphics in this game are relatively nice and bright with cute cartoon style, easy to create sympathy for gamers right from the first moment participants. However, some movement is still relatively hard and expressive character should also be improved.
Recently a development team from France is DSC Studio22 has introduced their new online game is Energy Heroes, this game is a 3rd person shooter action with bold style combined with MOBA prevailing in recently. As expected, the game will open the door to trials on June 1/6, interested players can refer to the homepage:
Tags : Strike Force Heroes, Strike Force Heroes 2 , Strike Force Heroes 3 , Strike Force Heroes 4
More game : Lifeless

Sunday, May 29, 2016


What is interesting is the mechanism in Lifeless fight relatively extraordinary new in this genre when not focus on shooting, fleeing like many other games that re-directed to the 'melee' with such weapons sticks, axes, ... more bray, is a suitable context of scarce resources.
You want to play the game more exciting and attractive refer to the following pages: Learn To Fly 2 , Tank Trouble

Recent development team Green Man Loaded (the creators of The Black Death titles resonated last time) has introduced a new online game  called very interesting Lifeless. Games themed survival in a world of the near future when all of which were turned into disgusting zombie hordes, and the survivors must work together to survive.

Accordingly, in addition to complementary capabilities, slashing hordes of zombies, the players will have the skills 'blocked throat' we do not give those guys that can bite or attack you, something unprecedented in online game a lot this topic .
See more:  Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal is a free online game style of cult indie game, Do not starve. In the game, players will also have to do everything to be able to survive in the wild world but also extremely impressed that Bitbox created.

There are many interesting games and attractive on our pages. Click here for references: Strike Force Heroes 4 , Learn To Fly
The battles in the game, although not the most characteristic emphasis, but also gives the player the feeling incredibly true to the somewhat heavy blow, but powerful, not like these games with details supernatural, when the hero is like the "gods"

Earlier this year, an impressive survival online game Life is feudal, recently announced the opening test in March, but had to miss an appointment due NSX not prepared. And right after the next 3 months, ie June first of this new game can proceed closed beta. Currently, the server was ready and only waiting for further test basic errors that will go on trial. Visit the homepage game:

According to what NSX previously announced, it is likely this game will be business as buy-to-play, ie the player wants to join will have to buy from the first key, the type of in-game cash shop only sells one some beauty items only, not cause any effect on gameplay at all.
See more:  Bowman 2

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bowman 2

Skill level

There are three modes available in Bowman 2, each one harder than the last step. The practice mode is a great guide to the skill level of beginners and new players. In practice mode you start by learning how to aim and shoot your arrows to near perfect accuracy. Once you've mastered this, you can switch to an advanced stage - player vs. computer mode. In this mode, you use all the skills you have learned in practice mode to compete against the computer to win after the game. Once you feel confident with this, you can proceed to the most difficult level - playing human vs mode. You will play against yourself using two archers on the opposition. The team with the most complete picture will win!

You want to play the game more exciting and attractive refer to the following pages: Tank Trouble ,

Guidance and Control
Bowman 2 is an easy to play game where you use the mouse to control the direction of your arrows. Simply press and hold anywhere in the game screen and drag your cursor in any direction to determine the distance of your arrows and power of your shot. Your goal is to shoot arrows accurately at targets or your opponent to win the game!

The small game

Are you tired of firing at wooden targets and other archers? Then check out the new mini games in Bowman 2 - Bird hunting. In Bird Hunting, you can test your skills by trying to kill as many birds as possible. But watch out! If you miss you can find flight down arrows in your direction!

Hack and cheats

Want to make your gaming experience a little more exciting? Try some of the cheat codes that will not just be sure to make the game a little easier, but will also enhance the enjoyment and your love Bowman 2.

  • Press 1 to increase the amount of gravity up to 0.5
  • Press 2 to reduce the gravity down -0.5
  • Press 3 to put gravity to perfection 0
  • Press 4 to reset the gravitational force back the default settings
  • Press 5 to add an additional point for your archers
  • Press 6 to remove a highlight from your archers
  • Press 7 to add an extra point to your opponent archery
  • Press 8 to remove a point from your opponent archers.

Bowman is back and better than ever in Bowman 2! Pick your bow and arrows and test your skills in games this thrilling archery. Do you have what it takes to beat all your opponents?
See more:  Age of Speed 2

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Age of Speed 2

Click to play Age of Speed ​​2

I hate to always start with the negatives; However, most of my readers WANT alwaysdeep down to start with them so here it goes. Although the graphics of this game goes beyond the graphics of the original, with a game of this magnitude, especially in 3D, graphics should be more favorable to the speed of the game.

The speed of the game is not a problem, but as graphics to catch up with the speed to make a better driving experience. One drawback to this game from many critics is that this game is not played on Macs due Shockwave Player plug-ins.

In saying all that, the positives in this game far outweigh the positive aspects in the initial era of Speed. In the original era of Speed, users and players from all walks of life are vulnerable to fall no matter what, but in this game, reaction time and the ability to move with the pads this key is more efficient to go around.
There are many interesting games and attractive on our pages. Click here for references: Strike Force Heroes , Learn To Fly 2

I'm sure the developers took the time to listen to some of the complaints of the first game and decided to make adjustments on the fly to make this game a game is even better than the original, and there are errors, the original is still great. Another positive for this game is the cars look better (not even close or comparable to the first game: it's a better way!). LOOK features better corkscrew and odd angles that is missing in the first game when it came out of the car just sick in this game.

The drive also is smooth as hell is not the same as the first game, but it is kind of hard for many users to navigate most of the time. That problem has been fixed sure this go around. Another interesting feature about this game is that you have rockets, you can pick up over time.

Now to control the Age of Speed ​​2. The driver of the Age of Speed ​​2 is similar to the controls of the original Age of Speed ​​games. You'll have to use the arrow keys left to left, right arrow keys to go, up arrow key to go ahead, down arrow key to reverse. The key in this game is used for powering the car up, which is different than the first game. The objective of this game is similar to the goals of the original in that you are on track future spin and go in different directions on Saturn Raceway.

You have to try and out of the race and many other drivers turned in the first place each and every time to win the championship. For any gamer this game is to play, especially if you play the original word is higher than the original. I would recommend this game to everyone to play and give it an overall 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Age of Speed ​​2 picks up where the first age of speed left as far as features and so on are concerned. To play this racing game on your computer online, your browser must have the Adobe Shockwave Player. This 3D racing game is about as good as it gets in the racing genre of online video games.

This game has everything from great graphics to cool the vehicle search and track (even the rings look great as in the first game and the original). Now, I have to go through some of the first sounds.
There will be a lot of other interesting games that we have for you. Take a look at the other articles on our site.
Tags : Strike Force Heroes, Strike Force Heroes 2 , Strike Force Heroes 3 , Strike Force Heroes 4
See more:   Red Ball 5

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Red Ball 5

Try the game and find interesting aspects. It is good to have proper support online. You can know what the game and how you can convert your gaming skills by helping the red ball. It is good to check online ideas and tips and play the game in great style. You can also participate in various discussions and engage the gaming community can not be used better for gaming environment. You will get success completely as you have the advantage of playing the game entirely in your hands and you can manage operations with the controls. It also provides you the best support from the gaming sites in all aspects.
You want to play the game more exciting and attractive refer to the following pages: , Strike Force Heroes 4
Click to Play Red Ball 5


Red balls 5 game with a goal for the players to help the red ball to her lover by passing the green blocks and red all over the road.

Game controls

Control the red ball using the arrow keys of your keyboard. To scroll up or jump, use the up arrow. To return to using the arrow keys to scroll down and left and right using the left and right arrow keys.

Game play

Red ball 5 is absolutely delightful when players are looking for the red ball to her lover. It is a game where the ball if hit on the blood sugar in the red block to die or hurt only completely. Also, it is important to have the ball without going into green blocks. So the red blocks are dangerous all the way through to achieve her his lover.

It is better to play in an interactive screen for the best effect. Any player can enter and try this game. It is inspiring to pass block and get through the levels in helping the red ball. It looks like a real mission for players to grab the ball from danger and help meet his lover. The blood passing game as the ball can die on the road. So, the players have to play with full concentration in order to ensure that the ball did not come out of the deer and the red block.

Online gaming allows people excited when they have all the options to try and it's absolutely free to play the game of their choice at any time. According to the features as well, people like to play the game again and again. If you enter the gaming sites, you will have video games to guide you in the game.

Even a first time players can enjoy playing this game is all the easier option. Players who are new to the game can watch the video and read the instructions game to win the game. When the player has achieved a clear idea about the goals of the game, he could continue on his path with the red ball.

Join the online games provide great relaxation for players. They can get better knowledge and understanding to be exposed to the game of their choice. When games are offered for free by the website, players can make the most of their free time and get some entertainment through games.

5 Red Ball is a fun game of strategy game genre but also involves some fight to achieve a specific goal. Players have to help the red ball pass it. The red ball should not walk on the green blocks or not to hit any of the red block. If it touches the ball will die.
There will be a lot of other interesting games that we have for you. Take a look at the other articles on our site.
See more:  Scary Needle Game

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Scary Needle Game

Scary games

This game requires a meticulous and need your attention and quick, let's try this out!
On the first screen displays a frame, simply click on "continue" to begin.

Click to play the game Scary Needle

to welcome you to the sewing room Shakey would have guided you to a screen. The instructions look simple but very difficult, why? Because you need directions Shakey terrible hand than usual. click on "continue" if you are ready to move on.
Next you'll have to take your pick of any length needle, lace thick or thin. and after choosing the size of your threads will automatically lead to the appropriate game.
Tags : Strike Force Heroes, Strike Force Heroes 2 , Strike Force Heroes 3 , Strike Force Heroes 4
Levels game

Phase 1 you only need guidance handshake Shakey directly into trembling hands their needles. click on "continue" to enter the next level when done successfully. 

The challenge begins at this stage. Guide the thread holding hands to achieve the needles trembling hands, but this time you have to be very careful in the way you balloons. You'll see it's like a obstacle course, please control your mouse avoid touching the ball; otherwise you will have to start again
after completion, click on "continue". Patience and focus on the requirements.

would have bothered exercised on this road in the 3rd phase. Here you will encounter objects like bubbles will pop immediately once touched by the edges of the subject. use your strategy well and carefully. Just be relaxed in controlling the mouse to make sure that you will gain hands needle without any popping of the bubble or else you will start to phase it again. Your focus is necessary in deep level.

Like any other online games, you are always looking forward into the next level of every game, especially if you already get the hang of how to play it and its techniques. But after stage 3, thinking what the next stage would be like, a creepy image will suddenly pop up along with some spooky sound in the background.

Scary Maze Games aim to test your every skill in every game that they offer, but likewise never fail to surprise you with scary pictures or some other prank that will for sure catch you off guard. It is also loaded with tons of mind boggling games that are extremely fun to play with not just individually but along with the rest of your family and friends. Perfect to share with anyone you like, making them feel the excitement you and the rest of online scary maze game players experienced which is really priceless.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Games Like Penguin Diner

Cuti’s Diner is a game where you have to help Betty serve customers in the restaurant. The game is very similar to the penguin diner including the game controls used and how the game proceeds. When the customers or cutis arrive at the restaurant, you can click on the customer and then an empty table to seat them at the table.  Once the customer is ready to place an order, the cuti will wave. You have to skate to that table and click on the customer or the table to take the order.

Once you take the order, the food will be delivered at the food counter. You have to remember the orders and deliver the food correctly to the corresponding tables. Speed is essential to win this game and to proceed to other levels. If a customer is not served within time, the customer will get angry and leave and you will lose cash as the food has to be thrown into the Trash.

You want to play this game?

Cuti’s Diner

There are many interesting games and attractive on our pages. Click here for references: Learn To Fly 2 , Tank Trouble 
Penguin Diner is a game of cooking the most popular image in the market. Penguin Diner in the series of the game, you must help Penny Penguin manage a restaurant and make money. Below we discuss a few of those games cooking detailed fantasy.
Diner Dash

Diner Dash is a popular cooking game that you can help achieve the dream Flo manage your diner. The game is to be played using the mouse control. As the game progresses, you have to move around the restaurant Flo perform different tasks. You can click on a table that will make Flo take on board. When you click on the food in front, Flo will be to counter and feed. All the action in the game is to be done by right-clicking.

The customer must be seated when they arrive at the cafeteria. Orders for food must be carried out and the food must be delivered in the shortest possible time. Once customers complete dishes and sheets, you can move the table to collect cash Flo. high cash can be obtained if the fast service. The mood of the customer can be understood by looking at a series of heart will be displayed on top of each customer. A smaller number of customers have hearts, we closer to walking out of a restaurant without their food.

Papa Pancakeria

This is a game where players have to serve in a restaurant serving of cake. You can choose your character from one of the options available at the start of the game. In the game screen, you can see three stations, self Station, Station Grill and Station Construction. ordering station is where you have to take orders from customers for bread. Grill station where the cake will be cooked. Construction Station where you can add the necessary toppings.

Once you take an order, you can place the ticket on the order line. You have to move to the grill station to cook the required number of pancakes. When you are cooking the pancakes, you can use the help of a flip meter and time meter to know when they are cooked right. Once it is cooked, you can drag it to the finished stack and move to the build station. Here you will place the pancakes on the plate and add the toppings as in the order ticket. Once the plate is ready, drag the ticket to the ticket holder and it is done.
Tags : Strike Force Heroes, Strike Force Heroes 2 , Strike Force Heroes 3 , Strike Force Heroes 4