Sunday, April 24, 2016

Scary Needle Game

Scary games

This game requires a meticulous and need your attention and quick, let's try this out!
On the first screen displays a frame, simply click on "continue" to begin.

Click to play the game Scary Needle

to welcome you to the sewing room Shakey would have guided you to a screen. The instructions look simple but very difficult, why? Because you need directions Shakey terrible hand than usual. click on "continue" if you are ready to move on.
Next you'll have to take your pick of any length needle, lace thick or thin. and after choosing the size of your threads will automatically lead to the appropriate game.
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Levels game

Phase 1 you only need guidance handshake Shakey directly into trembling hands their needles. click on "continue" to enter the next level when done successfully. 

The challenge begins at this stage. Guide the thread holding hands to achieve the needles trembling hands, but this time you have to be very careful in the way you balloons. You'll see it's like a obstacle course, please control your mouse avoid touching the ball; otherwise you will have to start again
after completion, click on "continue". Patience and focus on the requirements.

would have bothered exercised on this road in the 3rd phase. Here you will encounter objects like bubbles will pop immediately once touched by the edges of the subject. use your strategy well and carefully. Just be relaxed in controlling the mouse to make sure that you will gain hands needle without any popping of the bubble or else you will start to phase it again. Your focus is necessary in deep level.

Like any other online games, you are always looking forward into the next level of every game, especially if you already get the hang of how to play it and its techniques. But after stage 3, thinking what the next stage would be like, a creepy image will suddenly pop up along with some spooky sound in the background.

Scary Maze Games aim to test your every skill in every game that they offer, but likewise never fail to surprise you with scary pictures or some other prank that will for sure catch you off guard. It is also loaded with tons of mind boggling games that are extremely fun to play with not just individually but along with the rest of your family and friends. Perfect to share with anyone you like, making them feel the excitement you and the rest of online scary maze game players experienced which is really priceless.


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